We want to change people’s lives by connecting them to the pleasure of growing and preparing food, as well as eating and sharing it. We build family and community in the garden and at the table. Our goal is for you to integrate and replicate your edible experience at home.

Our edible programs & services 

  • Invite adults and kids to cook together with hands-on workshops led by local chefs. Learn about the next Chef Night here.

  • Connect community members with food education, via programming in our Kitchen House and Culinary Garden.

  • Bring families to the table with an After-School “Cook for Your Parents” Club. We’ll teach basic gardening and cooking skills to give kids the tools to prepare affordable, tasty, healthy, garden-inspired menus at home.

  • Invite passionate kids to participate in an After School Garden Club.

  • Hands-on, seed-to-plate cooking classes for families.

  • Rental of Kitchen House and Culinary Garden to the community to create a memorable edible experience for their guests.

Our education program & services 

  • Integrated edible education, is offered for a total of one semester each year to Orlando Junior Academy 5th-8th grades since 2010.

  • Annual Seed-to-Table Teacher Academy puts educators and interested community members in the garden and the kitchen to experience first-hand an integrated, multi-discipline garden curriculum.

  • AdventHealth’s Center for Child and Family Wellness invites its families to garden together on a monthly basis.

  • Sunday Morning Gardening. Opportunities for people of all ages to work together in the garden with the objective to grow food used for the Kitchen House programs and to share and learn gardening knowledge and skills.

  • Hands-on field trips and after-school and/or holiday camps that invite students from other schools and campuses to our Kitchen House and Culinary Garden for the climax to edible education, hopefully begun at their home campus many months in advance. We’ll work with teachers to ensure that both their needs and those of their students are met.


  • We need committed volunteer gardeners to help cultivate the Culinary Garden. We need committed volunteer kitchen helpers to assist with our chef led programs.

  • We need volunteer Chefs to be involved, leading sessions for a range of programs and users including school field trips, after-school programs, to creating special events that help fund our programs.

  • We need volunteer educational liaisons to help build the foundation for field trips; to connect interested educators with our Seed-to-Table Teacher Academy; to connect Teacher Academy participants with resources to help them integrate a garden curriculum into their schools.