EdibleEdExp offers a variety of enrichment programs that promote a healthy lifestyle and benefit students, parents, educators, community neighbors, and Central Florida leaders.

Edible Education Experiences for Students: Since 2011, we’ve provided edible education experiences to OJA Pre-K thru 8th grade students throughout the academic year, integrating cooking and gardening into the curriculum. We’ll continue this partnership with OJA in our expanded, fully equipped Kitchen House & Culinary Garden.

Starting in 2017, we’ll begin offering hands-on field trips and special events at our Kitchen House and Culinary Garden for Central Florida K-12 students in public/private schools and home education programs, as well as community groups such as Boy/Girl Scouts, school garden clubs, etc.  We’ll work with teachers to provide educational guidance that they can incorporate into their classroom prior to visiting the Kitchen House & Culinary Garden.

For students with a deeper passion for cooking and gardening, after-school enrichment clubs and summer/holiday camps will be offered where kids can learn basic skills to prepare affordable, tasty, healthy, garden-inspired menus at home. We envision these events available to K-8 students with a desire to bring their families together to share healthy meals.


  • Chef Night for Families: Geared towards both adults and kids, this intimate, seed-to-table monthly edible education experience brings all ages together for hands-on cooking workshops led by our talented local chefs, who volunteer their time to share their passion for healthy eating. This family-friendly evening begins with foraging in the garden for fresh produce to include in the night’s menu, providing a unique opportunity to connect participants to their food source. Featured recipes are plant-based, delicious, nutritious, and easy to replicate at home.


  • Edible Schoolyard Academy for Teachers: Held annually since 2010, this two-day, hands-on experience teaches participants how to create their own school garden and cooking curriculum customized to a school’s resources, needs, and ability. To date, we’ve equipped more than 70 teachers from 35+ schools, in Central Florida and beyond, to initiate school gardening and cooking programs back at their own campuses. Lead by garden coordinator Brad Jones and chefs Kevin Fonzo and Sarah Cahill, our innovative, garden-to-classroom workshop is open to teachers, school administrators, and community leaders. Continuing Education Credit soon to be offered.


  • Sunday Gardening for the Community: Combining fellowship and gardening, this weekly opportunity brings people of all ages together in our Culinary Garden to plant, grow, and harvest the food used for EdibleEdExp programs. We invite volunteer gardeners, families, and community members to join us most Sundays, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., where we connect, work side-by-side and share gardening tips and healthy recipe ideas.

This time is also used to partner with Florida Hospital for Children’s Center for Child and Family Wellness clinical team to provide cooking and community gardening education to at-risk, overweight children, teens and their families.

  • Facility Rental: We invite like-minded community groups to rent our Educational Lounge, Veranda, and/or Kitchen Classroom for a unique meeting space, with rental fees helping to defray our operating costs.