Upcoming Events


Thanksgiving Workshop 11/19

Let your child enjoy learning Thanksgiving recipes!

DEC18 Chef Night-01 photo.png

Chef Night in Juicember 12/6

Join New Moon Market’s owner Jennifer Moon-Huggett and Chef Sarah Cahill for a fun-filled evening learning how to eat well!


martin luther king jr. day seed-to-table workshop 1/21

Let your child enjoy learning MLK Day Recipes!


president’s day Seed-to-table workshop 2/18

Join us on President’s Day to cook favorite foods of American Presidents!


"Our vision is to serve kids inside a community Kitchen House & Culinary Garden where cooking and gardening are integrated into school curriculum and beyond."

Through an edible education experience, life-skills are taught to a diverse community of students and families enabling them to grow their own food and cook delicious, affordable, nutritious meals. Integrated into each experience is the joy of learning, the benefit of activity, and time to express gratitude for God’s abundant provisions.