Grateful in Florida

by Brad Jones


With fall season just around the corner, we can begin to appreciate the growth around us and give thanks for what is in front of us. Fall in Florida looks a whole lot different than fall in New England. It’s not harvest season in Florida. Instead fall is a culmination of new beginnings, not the end. We can’t appreciate a full harvest at a Thanksgiving meal, if we don’t appreciate the beginnings of a new season.

For some, the seasons are a drastic reminder of how nature seems to celebrate time. As Floridians, however, we must look a little closer. So much of our landscapes here seem to appear unchanging. We’ve wound up with an environment that looks pretty much the same in January as it does in July.

We should celebrate and give thanks for the seedlings we do have and feast in a harvest yet to flourish. These seedlings are the little promises that remind us that the growing cycle continues.

There’s always next year when the soil might be more fertile, the weather might be better, and there might be fewer caterpillars. For that, we are thankful. During this Thanksgiving season, it’s important to look for blessings.

We might see a table set with candles and a fall leaf tablecloth, dedicated to sweet potato casserole, homemade cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.

This serene scene radiates happiness and light in which we’re lucky enough to celebrate food and family during this oh-so-special time of year. There’s just something about the harmony of loved ones working in the kitchen, playing festive music, and creating a meal that will fill our stomachs and hearts with so much pleasure and contentment.

We want your child to leave his or her soul feeling full and grateful this holiday season. Join us for our Thanksgiving Workshop, November 19, 2018! Have your child invite a friend and register for our Thanksgiving Workshop featuring a plant-based holiday menu. Attendees will create a Thanksgiving meal with ingredients sourced straight from our garden.

We are grateful for you and can’t wait to celebrate new beginnings together this season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Author’s Bio: Brad Jones is the Garden Educator of Edible Education Experience. He handles everything related to the Culinary Garden, where he plants crops, coordinates edible lessons with the Chef Instructor, and provides hands-on experiences for garden visitors and harvesting the garden’s produce.