Noble Inc. Works and Dines amidst Construction

The afternoon of January 24, found twenty-seven Noble Inc. employees carefully walking onto our construction site, lead by their CEO Jeff Baker, for a team-building edible education experience.

Noble had initially contacted EdibleEdExp to book a seed-to-table experience but when they learned the Kitchen House wasn't open yet, they offered to perform community service to help the project along. The group received a tour of the nearly completed Kitchen House & Garden then got to work trimming Ginger plants along the south property line, layering compost for a new garden plot, trimming bamboo for trellises and setting up for dinner.

The work along the property line came just in time and made it possible for the next-day install of a new 6-ft board-on-board fence by All Star Fencing. In addition, the large Ginger leaves were carried to the new garden plot and became the first layer of healthy soil. The final layer of soil was added as well, via wheelbarrow loads of Mushroom Compost.

Noble’s engineers, who's work is designing medical educational devices, handled the bamboo trellis-building with style and precision and made way for some high-reaching Brandywine Heirloom Tomatoes, in the near future. 

Meanwhile, tables were set and chairs hauled in for a beautiful evening’s dinner on the veranda over-looking the robust winter garden. At this point, the Noble team appeared relaxed, content and enjoying each other's company. Had we been hooked up to electricity, everyone could’ve stayed longer.

The Baked Potato & Chili Bar was catered by Mary Sukow and included Kale and Garlic Chives fresh-cut from the garden. One Noble employee experienced her first ever pulling of carrots from the ground and was SO proud to prep and add this crunchy goodness to the evening’s salad.

Noble’s free labor and generous donation made possible the new fence which is in response to our Conditional Use Permit along with happy conversations with our adjacent neighbors. Thank you to the wonderful Noble Inc. team, here in Orlando, who strives to make an impact rather than merely make an impression—yet, as far as Garden Coordinator Brad Jones is concerned, they accomplished both! 

Thank you also to Rob Smith of E2Homes and Jose Venegas of Midtown Architectural Studio for helping with the tours and to Chef Sarah Cahill and Richard & Claudia Bishop for volunteering alongside the teams.