Flying Trusses along with Summertime Watermelon

Under normal conditions a 20-ton crane would have gotten the job done. But, when the challenge arose of flying trusses, and saving the garden at the same time, Beyel Brothers stepped up to offer a 40-ton crane with a wider radius. This allowed the crane to park on the street instead of on the garden, which would have turned the garden's loose fluffy soil into a rock-bed of compaction. From the beginning, contractor Rob Smith of E2Homes has been committed to an environmentally-friendly project and Brad Jones, Garden Coordinator, is relieved and grateful for having been able to maintain the two years of soil prep that's been underway.

In addition to the fine crane operation, Bill Reagan's framing crew is doing a masterful job. To date, the roof decking has been installed and the 2nd-story dormers are taking shape. EEE was honored to serve the crew fresh lime drinks and cold watermelon, with mint from the garden, as a token of our appreciation for their hard and steady work. Completion is expected in November.

As a friendly reminder, Sunday morning gardening is an on-going event. We invite you to come get your hands dirty, collect seeds in the shade or just stop by to see the progress for yourself.