Chef Night with Joe Rees

Chef Joe Rees, co-owner of The Strand, charmed and inspired at November’s Chef Night. Roasted root veggies and kale salad with warm shallot dressing and seasoned pecans were a delicious highlight. The baked grouper with white wine & butter sauce were the perfect pairing and the lemon-thyme dessert bar, sent over by Mrs. Rees, was the final hit of the evening.

It was a pleasure getting to know Chef Rees who moved from up north to make his home in Orlando and we learned that his early inspiration for cooking came from pure hunger, as most growing boys can relate. The evening was made even more enjoyable by easy conversation, spending time with family, making new friends, and being inspired to cook with fresh garden ingredients.

THANK YOU,” Chefs Joe and Alda for giving back to your community and for supporting fresh local ingredients in your fine cooking. Everyone should go to The Strand, their weekend brunch is amazing and their retro television is fun to watch.